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Human Resource Finding Services - Schimatari Boeotia

The company M&A QOSE is a company that operates in the field of human resource finding services
and is based in Schimatari, Boeotia. The company was founded with the aim of providing responsive services
to the needs of businesses to find and hire the right staff.



In a competitive labor market, such as the Greek one, where companies of all sectors are looking for competent and specialized people, "M&A QOSE" provides you with the opportunity to fill any productive work position with the right person.
Our executives, with 20 years of experience in the field and knowledge of the specific labor market, can understand your needs and cover procedures related to the selection and management of the appropriate personnel. Always with respect to the employer and the employee.





By working with us you achieve:
• Immediate position recruitment (depending on the type of work)
• Reduction of labor costs (salaries and insurance contributions are borne by us)
• Freedom from time-consuming selection, recruitment and retention procedures of the working staff (the financial department, the accounting department and related departments are freed from frequent recruitment procedures, payrolls, etc. and have more time to deal with issues of political and strategic importance)
• No loss of valuable working hours (we immediately replace an employee in case of illness, etc.)
• Large employee base with a wide range of specialties




✓ Subject knowledge – Experience – Previous experience
✓ Professional Treatment
✓ Willingness to Work
✓ Adaptability
✓ Correct Behavior - Seriousness - Reliability





  • Warehouse Clerk - Sorting Goods
  • Cleaning Clerk
  • Cargo Loading / Unloading Clerk
  • Labeling - Packaging Clerk
  • Machine Operator
  • Outdoor Caregiver – Gardener
  • Production Packer, etc